When we see life the way God sees it, we take action.

Although few circumstances in our culture can cloud our vision like those that surround an unexpected pregnancy, let us walk our path forward and see life as God sees it!
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Why Pregnancy Centers?

Pregnancy centers often host the most critical conversations surrounding life. Each appointment that a woman in an unexpected pregnancy courageously walks into is an opportunity for life, every time.

Her experience should include: compassionate care, medical excellence, an opportunity to see her baby through an ultrasound and other resources that value her and the life she carries.

The Option Ultrasound Program, by Focus on the Family, distributes 16 types of grants which includes: nurse salaries, extended hours, medical training and more. These grants are designed to help pregnancy centers successfully support her value and the value of her baby. When we see life, we take action.


Babies Saved




Grants Given Away

Explore How Pregnancy Centers are Better with You

Find out how your unique talents, skillsets and resources can equip pregnancy centers to have the holistic suite of necessary resources.

The SeeLife Experience

On June 15 at SeeLife® 24, Focus on the Family aims to activate communities to support local pregnancy centers. Join us by watching the livestreamed event.

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Everyone Can Do Something

When you see that any one of your unique talents, skills, or resources can support the life saving work at pregnancy centers, it is clear. You can’t just do nothing.
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