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Women in unexpected pregnancies rely on professionals like you to provide lifesaving medical care.
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Needed Providers

Explore the roles that allow pregnancy centers to continue delivering medical aid where it’s needed most for women in unexpected pregnancies and her child.

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From serving as a medical director or setting standards of excellent practice, physicians can lead centers.

Time commitments varies depending on level of commitment and role in the clinic.

Ways to Take Action

  • Lead as a medical director (few hours a week).
  • Engage as a volunteer physician (dependent on center).
  • Serve as a:
    • Medical board member (few hours a month)
    • Medical Advisory board or committee (few hours a month or less)

Offer pro-bono or sliding scale services from:

  • your private practice (time determined by physician)
  • in partnership with the hospital or practice you are affiliated with (time determined by physician)

Valuable Skillsets

  • Abortion pill reversal protocol
  • Reviewing and approving:
    • Sonograms
    • Medical charts
    • Policies and procedures
A medical worker smiling and holding a chart

Physicians Assistants

Physician Assistants can provide or manage lead critical patient care as a clinic manager or medical board member.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Lead as the clinic manager of a pregnancy center (20+ hours a week).
  2. Serve as a medical board member (few hours a month or less).
  3. Work as a staff physician assistant (hours dependent on center).
  4. Engage as a volunteer physician assistant (hours dependent on center).

Valuable Skillsets

  • Ordering of or performing ultrasounds
  • Ability to prescribe abortion pill reversals
A smiling nurse holding a clipboard


From providing direct patient care, enforcing best medical practices, and running day-to-day operations as nurse managers, nurses save lives.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Lead as a nurse manager (20+ hours a week).
  2. Work on staff as a nurse (20+ hours a week).
  3. Serve as a nurse volunteer (dependent on center).
  4. Work online as a telehealth nurse (hours vary).

Valuable Skillsets

  • Ultrasound scan and reading
  • Ability to prescribe abortion pill reversals
  • Telehealth service
Sonographer reviewing an image of a baby on a screen with a female patient


Performing ultrasound is a valuable skillset that sonographers bring to a center.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Volunteer or work on staff as a sonographer (hours dependent on center).

Valuable Skillsets

  • Ultrasound scan and reading
A pharmacist checking inventory
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Access to live saving drugs like the abortion pill reversal is made possible by pharmacists.

Ways to Take Action

  • Partner with your local center and dispense life saving prescriptions.
  • Educate and advocate your local center, pharmacist colleagues, and community.

Valuable Skillsets

  • Ability to fill prescription abortion pill reversals.
  • Offer pro-bono or sliding scale services from:
    • your private practice
    • in partnership with the hospital, practice, or you are affiliated with
A female mental health professional sits in a chair and listens to distressed young woman

Mental Health Professionals

Licensed counselors, therapists, psychologists, and social workers are able to provide crucial mental health care and resources.

Ways to Take Action

  • Lead by training staff and volunteers on best counseling practices.
  • Direct patients to be able to access resources in and out of the center.
    • Resources: medical, legal, housing, childcare and more
  • Utilize education and experience to pick up on cues and send patients to the appropriate person.
  • Advocate for your patient in their unique set of needs.
  • Provide pro-bono services in private practice.
A counselor comforts a concerned looking woman
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Excellent medical care is necessary for women vulnerable to abortions.

If your discipline was not listed above, it means that you probably have a medical skillset that is needed. Please sign up to take action.

Nurse looking at ultrasound with female patient

Why Pregnancy Centers?

Pregnancy centers often host the most critical conversations surrounding life. Each appointment that a woman in an unexpected pregnancy courageously walks into is an opportunity for life, every time.

Her experience should include: compassionate care, medical excellence, an opportunity to see her baby through an ultrasound and other resources that value her and the life she carries.

The Option Ultrasound Program, by Focus on the Family, distributes 16 types of grants which includes: nurse salaries, extended hours, medical training and more. These grants are designed to help pregnancy centers successfully support her value and the value of her baby. When we see life, we take action.


Babies Saved




Grants Given Away

Everyone Can Do Something

When you see that any one of your unique talents, skills, or resources can support the life saving work at pregnancy centers, it is clear. You can’t just do nothing.
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