Make Life Your Business

Get your business involved to provide critical resources to your pregnancy center.
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Join in the Countless Opportunities

For some businesses, it might be obvious how you can take action to make an impact at your local pregnancy center. But, it might not as obvious for your business. Explore the possibilities, ask yourself some of the questions posed below and pray how God wants your business to personally contribute.

Provide Jobs

Maybe you have the capability of hiring women who lost their job after choosing to keep their baby. Do you offer remote or flexible schedule work opportunities?

Get Your Staff Involved

Does your business offer paid volunteer hours? Does your company have a culture of generosity and service to the local community?

Building Opportunities​

Are you able to help renovate or construct a place for pregnancy centers to operate? Are you able to offer free or affordable housing options for women who might urgently require a place to stay?

Donate Resources

Are you a wholesale supplier that can donate furniture, baby items, clothing, coffee, office supplies and etc? Are you a manufacturer that can donate construction materials, electronics and etc? Is your business able to donate items or gift packages to a fundraising auction?

Galvanize Your Community

Are you a part of a local business association? Are there other like-minded local businesses that you can rally together for a pregnancy center?

Offer Pro Bono Services

Maybe you are a lawyer that can offer legal protection. Are you able to create digital content like websites, videos or newsletters? Are you a catering company that can serve at fundraising events? Are you a mechanic that can fix cars for financially struggling mothers?

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Why Pregnancy Centers?

Pregnancy centers often host the most critical conversations surrounding life. Each appointment that a woman in an unexpected pregnancy courageously walks into is an opportunity for life, every time.

Her experience should include: compassionate care, medical excellence, an opportunity to see her baby through an ultrasound and other resources that value her and the life she carries.

The Option Ultrasound Program, by Focus on the Family, distributes 16 types of grants which includes: nurse salaries, extended hours, medical training and more. These grants are designed to help pregnancy centers successfully support her value and the value of her baby. When we see life, we take action.


Babies Saved




Grants Given Away

Everyone Can Do Something

When you see that any one of your unique talents, skills, or resources can support the life saving work at pregnancy centers, it is clear. You can’t just do nothing.
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