Inspiring Everyone to See Life the Way God Sees It

We See Life

The intrinsic value of every human life exists because we are each God’s creation and bear His image. Nothing can negate that image and the inherent value of life. We bear this value – from conception to our final breath.

Evaluating life in this way does not come naturally. We are, by nature, susceptible to evaluate and offer assessments of circumstances born of our own desires, judgements, feelings and perceived rights. Few circumstances in our culture challenge and divide us like those that can surround an unexpected pregnancy.

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Nurse looking at ultrasound with female patient
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We Take Action

For nearly 50 years, Focus on the Family has stood with everyday people as they navigate through the complex challenges that surround unexpected pregnancies. This has been done with marriage, parenting, and advocacy efforts and resources. We want to inspire everyone to see life the way God sees it, even when it might not fit our circumstances.

Through the Option Ultrasound Program, Focus on the Family has been advocating for life by equipping pregnancy centers with ultrasound machines, training, and other life-saving resources. With these efforts, Option Ultrasound has helped saved well over 500,000 babies. The ripple effect each one of those lives saved has changed the lives of the mom, the dad and every family member represented, not to mention our communities.

Walking Our Path Forward Together

As we step forward in our culture’s increasingly challenging times, we are developing even more ways to take tangible action. We are committed to strengthening pregnancy centers across the country to provide an even more holistic approach to care for women and babies.

Would you join us as we come together as individuals, families and churches across the country to advocate, educate and activate our communities on behalf of life?

When we see life, we take action!